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Independent Accountants and Tax Advisors

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Tampa Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is always tedious and stressful work for Tampa residents. Fortunately, Garcia and Cuadra P.A is the answer to all of your financial questions and make the process a lot less hectic. The fear of missing paperwork, an unexpected audit, or being unable to complete the task are just some of the reasons our clients come to us with lots of worries. Regardless of what is on your mind, know that the experts from our office are here to answer any of your needs related to your personal or business filing.

Why Hire Garcia and Cuadra?

Getting help from professionals is the best way to keep your worries down and ensure your tax preparation work is executed correctly. At Garcia and Cuadra, we have both been helping clients for over 30 years and are serving any residents in need around the Tampa Bay area. Thanks to high level of expertise, our staff is able to get through any complex information and can gather all details concerning your finances to guarantee you an easy going tax season.

We provide valuable consultations to each of our clients and always spend the necessary time to answer any of your questions regarding your files. The services offered by our office are not limited to your taxes; we are also qualified to help you with general accounting, estate planning, and retirement planning.

Our staff received a tax preparation federal license to ensure you get correct and trustworthy help. Enrolled agents are specifically trained in taxation, meaning they have the skills to understand all the related laws and can represent you in the most assiduous ways.

Common Reasons To Hire A Professional Agent:

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to consider hiring an enrolled agent to handle your tax preparation work in Tampa. 

The IRS usually focuses its audit on accounts where it finds missing figures. Keep in mind that every little aspect of your financial paperwork has importance to official IRS representatives who will be reviewing your information. Hiring a team of competent professionals will help you avoid having to deal with any of the additional stress caused by an audit. The practitioners of our business are experts who really understand how the IRS works and can easily address any of their requests.

Besides tax preparation, many other reasons bring people to contact our office in Tampa. Some cases we have handled in the past include processes or allegations that simply require the filer to hire certified services. Bankruptcy, fraud, non-filer, trust fund penalties, installment agreement, and audits are just a few circumstances that should signal you need to get in touch with a professional.

While tax preparation is not feared by everyone, having an expert handle all of the processes is the easiest way to ensure all your finances are in order. Remember also that no matter the types of issues you encounter related to your filing, defending yourself against the IRS is not a simple task and if you are hoping to get favorable results, be aware that experts are the only ones who will really be able to help.

If the idea of filing your own taxes makes you cringe, if you really think you could use some help  in the process, or if you’re facing issues with the IRS, pick up the phone and talk to one of our staff members. Let us make sure you receive the best tax preparation service around Tampa. Give us a call today at 813-415-2431 to request a quote and see how we can assist you.