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Tax Penalty Abatements | Tampa

If you need someone to represent you for tax penalty abatements in Tampa, the experienced, qualified, and professional enrolled agents of Garcia & Cuadra will tirelessly work to obtain the relief you need. We understand that you are not willfully non-compliant to IRS policies. There are many reasons for an otherwise compliant individual or business to make mistakes when filing. Believe it or not, the IRS even understands that legitimate occurrences may cause issues. The IRS offers relief solutions to qualified individuals and businesses and we want to help increase your get odds of receiving the relief you need from penalties levied by the IRS.

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In 2011 the IRS had levied 38.6 million penalties. These penalties totaled $31 billion! Out of these cases, 4.9 million penalties were abated which totaled $11 billion. Each year, we work hard to ensure our clients are approved for tax penalty abatements in Tampa and receive this substantial relief from penalties caused by no fault of their own or simple oversight. We understand that the IRS wants to work with individuals and businesses whom have otherwise good continuous compliant history. The IRS will qualify individuals or businesses for abatement under the following conditions that can be found in IRS agent handbooks.

  • A mistake made despite ordinary business care and prudence
  • Forgetfulness
  • Ignorance of the law
  • Death, serious illness or unavoidable absence
  • Inability to obtain records
  • Inability to obtain forms
  • Return was filed at the wrong IRS office
  • Followed advice from an adviser
  • Followed oral advice from the IRS
  • IRS error

Of course, these exceptions are not automatic passes that get approved routinely. Instead, each case must prove why it meets the criteria defined for each exception. As your representative, Garcia and Cuadra will look for and provide the necessary proofs the IRS requires for tax penalty abatements in Tampa.

In addition to the usual abatement solutions, the IRS also offers administrative waivers for specific situations that they deem are in their best interest to overlook. The most common, as well as the most overlooked and misunderstood, waiver is the first time penalty abatement (FTA).

The FTA allows for abatement of certain penalties for one complete financial period (1 year for individual and business as well as 1 quarter for payroll). The FTA which was instituted for the fiscal year of 2001 takes a different aim at compliance than the penalties they levied in the first place. While penalties are concerned with punishing non-compliance, the FTA focuses on rewarding past compliance history and promoting future compliance to IRS policies. This focus gives us another avenue to explore when handling tax penalty abatements in Tampa.

Unlike the usual abatement process, individuals and businesses are qualified for FTA based on history and an understanding that they continue to be compliant with the same filing issues for which the penalties were applied for. We do not need to prove the circumstances mentioned above for our clients that find themselves in trouble with the IRS for the first time and meet the clean compliance criteria stated by the IRS. At Garcia & Cuadra, we will not only represent our clients in traditional tax penalty abatements in Tampa, we will also work hard to find out of our clients qualify for the much more beneficial FTA.

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Without proper representation, an individual will have a much tougher time being qualified for any abatement measures by the IRS. The usual tax practitioner is not always the answer either. As enrolled agents, we have an upper hand when it comes to representing you in front of the IRS. Unlike certified public accountants (CPA) or attorneys who are licensed by the state, enrolled agents are given the right to practice by the federal government. Additionally, CPAs and attorneys do not always focus on IRS policies whereas our enrolled agents specialize in taxation. Do not trust your tax penalty abatements in Tampa to just any practitioner. Put your faith in our experienced enrolled agents who have over thirty years of experience representing clients in issues with the IRS.

In addition to tax services and representation, we offer many other financial services to both individuals and business. Call Garcia & Cuadra (813) 415-2431 to find out how our enrolled agents can help you with tax penalty abatements in Tampa as well as other financial services that aim toward helping you keep every penny you earn.