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Tampa Estate Planning

Despite what you may think, Tampa estate planning is for everyone.  Whether it’s your car, home, checking and savings accounts, or other real estate, you have estate.  The problem with most of our estate is that we never plan what happens to it after we pass away.  Without proper planning, the state of Florida has a predetermined plan for your estate and whether you or your family like it, it cannot be undone.  If you die without Tampa estate planning, no one close to you has control over your possessions.    

Garcia and Cuadra P.A. is a local law firm that specializes in Tampa estate planning.  Not only do our attorneys make a plan for what happens to your estate after you die, we work out the small details people typically skim over.  The first thing to remember about estate planning is that it is for everyone, not just the elderly or the wealthy.  Life is uncontrollable and it never hurts to plan ahead.  If you have any possessions that you don’t want to become property of the state, you need to hire an estate planner. 

Estate planning ensures the following:

•              Identifies the family members or loved ones you want to receive your property after your death.

•              Transition of property to your loved ones will be smooth and quick.

•              Minimize taxes to be paid when property is passed to another. 

•              Specify the type of treatment you would like to receive if you become disabled or unable to make those decisions later. 

•              Plan your funeral arrangements and determined how expenses will be paid

Tampa estate planning doesn’t have to be expensive.  Once you make the decision to plan, there are various levels of planning.  Some are more complex and expensive than others.  If you’re worried about cost, start with a simple will or term life insurance.   Once you begin estate planning, you can continuously modify or expand it as life goes on.

Garcia and Cuadra P.A. will make sure your documents are completed accurately.  If you create an estate plan alone and make a mistake, all of the effort and planning you put forth has gone to waste.  This will leave a mess for your family to clean up. Most people don’t know or understand the meaning behind titles and beneficiaries.  Tampa estate planning organizes all of your paperwork and designates the right people to the right beneficiary titles. 

Organizing these issues now, saves emotional and physical hassle for your loved ones later.  People in mourning should not have to deal with funeral expenses or legal terms.  It will also add grief to fight with each other or the state over your property. 

Overall, the greatest benefit you’ll receive from taking advantage of this is the satisfaction of never having to worry about what will happen to your possession once you are gone.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing if anything happens to you, the transition for your loved ones will be as professional and as easy as possible. The best time for Tampa Estate planning is now.  It doesn’t hurt to plan for the worst, but it does hurt when there is no plan at all.