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Tax Planning and Consultation | Tampa

Whether you are an individual or running a business, tax planning in Tampa can be a hectic process. If you are worried about preparing for filing your taxes, our company can help. We offer a variety of tax planning and consultation services for your personal or business finances. At Garcia & Cuadra, we can help you in many different ways, including:

Tax Preparation

If you find yourself under the weight of all of the paperwork pertaining to the IRS, don’t be afraid to seek help from Garcia and Cuadra. With over 30 years of experience in tax planning and consultation, our staff is trained to go through all of your information and find the important details that can affect your taxes. You can avoid IRS audits by having all of your paperwork together and filed properly. Even if you believe a document is insignificant, you may find yourself in a bind with your filing status. Having the right tax preparation in Tampa can remedy these problems. 

Tax Payer Representation

Local Tampa and state policies can be overwhelming, especially for someone who does not work in tax planning and consultation. Enrolled agents, like the staff at Garcia and Cuadra in Tampa, can be your biggest help when it comes to dealing with financial filing problems. Many large scale issues are handled through the taxing authorities' administrative processes. Here are some of the situations where professional representation may be best for you:

  • Bankruptcy: Some taxes may be characterized as bankruptcy if specific requirements are satisfied. These requirements are outlined by the administration of the IRS. 
  • Civil or Criminal Fraud: This occurs if it is believed that you willfully evaded or defrauded the federal government in relation to your tax responsibility. These very serious allegations should be handled by a professional in our Tampa office.
  • Non-Filer: Failing to file your taxes can lead to numerous penalties that are associated  with compliance issues. At Garcia and Cuadra, we understand that not filing is not always intentional and can be relieved if you meet certain requirements. 
  • Audits: Often times, audits occur at random for businesses; even individuals can be targeted. Any discrepancies with your filing are reported and investigated. When this occurs you should hire a professional tax planning and consultation firm to help you through the process.
  • Trust Fund Penalty: Failing to pay employment or payroll taxes is a penalty against an individual personally allowing them to make them solely responsible for a business obligation. 
  • Liens and Levies: If the IRS places liens on business and personal  properties or even levies bank accounts and paychecks, it can be because the individual failed to make arrangements for payments. Protect your property and remove levies with the help of a professional from our Tampa office.
  • Installment Agreement: This allows you to secure installment payments, instead of one lump sum payment at one time. 
  • Offer and Compromise: Our agents can help make a compromise if you cannot pay the total amount expected from you for your taxes
  • Penalty and Interest Abatements: Exploring all options of abatement for our clients is a priority to determine if any of the options are plausible. If so, we then rigorously find the proofs necessary to plead the case to the IRS.

Do I Need an Enrolled Agent?

If any of these situations described relate to your IRS filing, you may want to consider hiring an Enrolled Agent for tax planning and consultation assistance. These federally licensed tax practitioners have years of expertise in the field of taxation. The U.S. Department of the Treasury empowers Enrolled Agents to represent tax-payers for different situations such as audits, collections, and appeals before the administration of the IRS. When filing your taxes in Tampa, you don’t have to do it alone. Garcia and Cuadra can help with the entire filing process from start to finish.

Be sure to call us today at (813) 415-2431 for more information about our Enrolled Agents and our tax planning and consultation services we offer!