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Tax Preparation Services | Tampa

Tax Preparation Services | Tampa Bay | Garcia and Cuadra

Everyone dreads the 15th of April, but seeking out the assistance of tax preparation services in Tampa can make everything simple. The professionals can ease the stress of the season, especially if you start earlier in the year. By investing in an accountant — especially an Enrolled Agent here at Garcia and Cuadra — you are delegating a very stressful and detail oriented task to experts who have over thirty years of experience. Life is too short to stress over paperwork, so offload the risk and stress to accounting professionals who will customize a plan that is right you for or your business. You will also avoid or reduce any incoming penalties, as well as maximize that refund check you rightfully deserve.

Tax Preparation Services Built for Your Needs

A single filer with one main income, a head of household with properties across the Tampa Bay area, and a business owner have very different taxation needs. When considering tax preparation services, ask yourself what your needs are. Are you facing:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Student loan repayments
  • Penalties from last years’ filing
  • Managing the estate of a deceased relative
  • Trust fund issues
  • Taxes owed for multiple properties

If any of these, or other serious financial issues crop up, you should consider going with an expert, like the professionals at Garcia and Cuadra. Our Enrolled Agents know the code backwards and sideways, and if you are in a jam, we will help you the best of our ability. With our help, we can assist you in getting a more favorable outcome than if you rely on a piece of filing software you picked up at the store.

Avoid or Deal with Taxation Penalties

While filing paperwork may be unpleasant, the real fear most people have is that the IRS will audit them. Filing a late return can result in up to a five percent punitive measure, for example. And then there is the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA has many nuances, including level of coverage, and how much you owe if you aren't covered by insurance. In addition, there is the hit you can take for underreporting your earnings. Not everyone who underreports their earnings does so with ill intent. In reality, they may have misunderstood the rules, used an inexperienced preparer, or entrusted their filing to a software program. Whether you are a homeowner in the Tampa Bay area, or run a business, do not entrust your safety to software or an amateur. By employing tax preparation services, you can help to mitigate or even avoid potential unpleasantness altogether.

Maximize Your Refund Checks

As unpleasant as the April 15th deadline can be, it does bring something that people look forward to: refunds. It is a joyous time where people envision it as “free money” from the government when it is actually them just refunding you the interest free loan they got from you overpaying all year. At Garcia and Cuadra, we stand behind our tax preparation services. In fact, we guarantee we will get you the most refund to which you are legally entitled. Imagine what you could do with that extra money in the Tampa Bay area! You could pay off a credit card bill, put a deposit down for a family trip, pay your mortgage or student loans, or maybe invest it. It is estimated that Americans leave almost a billion dollars unclaimed each year. It is your money; do you want to leave it on the table?

Experienced. Exceptional. Garcia and Cuadra.

Whether you want to maximize your refund, avoid penalties, or get ahead on filing, tax preparation services can benefit you and your Tampa Bay business by literally paying for itself over time. At Garcia and Cuadra, we have years of experience negotiating with the IRS and keeping up with the latest code. If you are looking for stellar tax preparation services in Tampa, call us today at (813) 415-2431.