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IRS and State of Florida tax policies can be overwhelming. If you find yourself in over your head with the IRS, call Garcia and Cuadra for professional taxpayer representation from an enrolled agent in Tampa. Enrolled agents are your strongest ally against the IRS. Unlike CPAs, enrolled agents are licensed to practice by the federal government and specialize in taxation. Inquiries and investigations for both business and personal taxes require more than just a tax preparer, bookkeeper or accountant. You need the expertise of an enrolled agent that understands the tax laws and can represent you in a concise and technically supported manner. We will be efficient advocators through the entire process, even if it comes to securing you a favorable settlement.

For expert taxpayer representation from a federally qualified enrolled agent

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Most tax issues are handled through the taxing authorities administrative processes. There are a number of events, issues, processes or allegations that will require you to hire a certified professional for representation:

Bankruptcy. Believe it or not, some taxes may be discharged in bankruptcy if specific requirements outlined by the IRS are satisfied. Additionally the bankruptcy court may be the only arena available to contest the legitimacy of certain taxes and stop seizure of your personal property. Only an experienced advocate such as our enrolled agents can weed through all the particulars and advise you if this a viable solution for you.

Civil or Criminal Fraud.    These allegations levied by the IRS assert that you willfully evaded or defrauded the federal government in relation to your tax responsibility. These allegations are very serious and we advise you to hire a professional and not try to attempt to defend yourself. Contact Garcia and Cuadra of Tampa for Taxpayer representation.

Non-Filer.  If you have failed to file your taxes then you are in non-compliance to IRS policies.  Additionally, you may be subject to numerous penalties that are associated with compliance issues. Perhaps this was an oversight and you have logical reasoning for failure to comply. Our enrolled agents, and even the IRS, understand that failure to comply is not always an intentional action and many forms of relief exist for abating any penalties associated with non-compliance if specific conditions are met.

Trust Fund Penalty.  This is a penalty relating to failure to pay employment/payroll taxes. The IRS assess this penalty against an individual personally allowing them to make them solely responsible for a business obligation. This serious issue puts the individual’s income and personal property at risk of seizure by the government. This penalty is usually for business owners but, it can also affect an employee, such as a supervisor, office manager, clerk, or controller who is the person responsible for completing the payroll obligations for the company. No matter who is charged with this penalty, it requires a competent advocate to provide taxpayer representation to protect income and personal property. Garcia and Cuadra in Tampa can help you solve any trust fund penalty problem.

Do not attempt to defend yourself

Contact Garcia and Cuadra at (813) 415-2431 for taxpayer representation in Tampa

Liens and Levies.  The IRS often places liens on business and personal  properties and can even levy bank accounts and paychecks when a business or individual fails to make arrangements for tax payments. Protecting property and working to lift levies will take an advocate skilled in administrative processes of taxing authorities. Garcia and Cuadra in Tampa will work to lift these levies and get your life back on track.

Installment Agreement.  Just because you owe a significant amount of money does not mean it has to be paid in one lump sum immediately. During taxpayer representation our experienced enrolled agents will work to secure installment agreements with the IRS that are favorable to our clients.

Offer and Compromise.  If our clients do not have the ability pay the full amount of taxes owed then our enrolled agents will work to reach an offer with the taxing agency to pay a reasonable portion while discharging the rest.

Penalty and Interest Abatements.  Under specific conditions or requirements outlined by the IRS, there are several different abatements for penalties and fines. Our taxpayer representation includes exploring all options of abatement for our clients to determine if any apply then rigorously find the proofs necessary to plead the case to the IRS.

Audit.  Often times these occur randomly but business or individuals can be targeted if the IRS notices any discrepancies in filings. In order to protect property and an individual’s interests, a skilled tax specialist will be needed to pour through all the information.

At Garcia and Cuadra in Tampa, we have over thirty years of experience in taxation. We offer many business and individual financing tax planning and consultation services which includes taxpayer representation. If trouble with the IRS is getting to you, give us a call at (813) 415-2431.

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