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Tax Preparation | Tampa | Garcia and Cuadra

Tax preparation is a scary time of year whether you file a 1040EZ, have multiple items to file, or run a business. Yes, April 15th is a tumultuous time for many Americans, but it does not have to be! No matter if you are in Tampa, or anywhere else in the United States, if you go to battle armed with the right knowledge and the best people in your corner who are educated about the IRS and all the pitfalls, everything will end up okay. The following reasons are just a few that explain why you should consider hiring a professional preparer.

Help Navigate the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service can be intimidating to interact with — it is a relatively large government bureaucracy with over seventy thousand employees. No matter where in the country you are, in Tampa or anywhere else, you must file every year because it is the law. Unfortunately, while it serves a very important job of ensuring our great nation has the cash flow it needs to succeed, a lot of people fear conflicting with the law by not paying the right deduction here or there on their forms. Tax preparation does not have to be intimidating — although it may seem like a mountain, if you have the right guide, it will be a simple trek.

Enrolled Agents Are Your Ace in the Hole

Most people are honest and hardworking; they want to do what is right, and that means pay what they owe come tax preparation time. However, the code is tricky, complicated, and thousands of pages long. It would be nice if the Internal Revenue Service had some list or award for people they approve of, in order to put the general public’s mind at ease. Well, meet the enrolled agent — a federally licensed practitioner in the technical field of taxation. Here is what they can do for you:

  • Leverage their expertise in taxation
  • Provide you, the payer, with limited liability you would otherwise not have
  • Allow for client confidentially under Treasury Department Circular 230

So, when searching for your trusted preparer in Tampa, make sure to get one who is an enrolled agent to maximize your protection and peace of mind.

Taxation Software Leaves Money on the Table

Imagine it is mid-March and you are fumbling over your W-2’s or other documents, trying to make sense of what you owe the government, or what they owe you. No matter if you own a company here in Tampa, or file independently, do not be swayed by those turbo saving software suites. True, you can pick up a box for thirty dollars, but do you really want to trust your rebate check or even your entire business to some thirty-dollar software? Imagine the embarrassment of getting an audit, not because you did anything wrong, but because you accidentally clicked the wrong box in the program. Come tax preparation time, do not trust your rebate to a mere program, but invest in professionals who want to keep you safe, legal, and in the green.

More Than Just Tax Preparation

If you own a company, do you employ more than ten people? Do you have a dedicated accountant for bookkeeping as well was tax preparation? These are things to keep in mind while contemplating a preparer. The best ones will not just take care of your taxation concerns, but also think about the future, whether you are a Tampa business owner or not. Here are some services they might offer that you may ordinarily overlook:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Managing payroll
  • Adding new hires to the payroll, health insurance, etc.
  • Planning for retirement
  • Setting financial goals

Overall, it is just plain useful to have someone with accounting in your corner — do not skimp out just because you think it is not worth the investment. If you want your business to grow, or to grow your retirement, savings, or other collections, it would be to your benefit to look into a tax preparation professional.

Garcia and Cuadra: Your Tax Preparation Experts

Whether you run your own company in Tampa or are a single filer, you need someone to watch your back come tax preparation time. Such experts will also afford you special privileges if they are enrolled agents, and can also steer you towards a brighter retirement with sound financial advice and planning. For your financial needs, give Garcia and Cuadra a call today at 813-324-8985 to schedule a consultation.

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