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When it comes to finding the right financial assistance, many places claim to provide excellent services. However, throughout Tampa and the United States, only enrolled agents (EAs) have federal licensing that permits them to be tax practitioners. While some may think that any business providing tax services will do, not every tax preparer can do what enrolled agents can. In fact, EAs have educational requirements and must stay up-to-date on the latest information. Having approval and verification from the IRS means that they are constantly learning and advancing their techniques.

Additionally, finding a business in your area that provides services and employees with the right qualifications can mean much more than having a greater return or better organization of finances. For example, at Garcia and Cuadra, Tampa taxpayers can receive services for their startup business.

What Can Enrolled Agents Do That Others Cannot?

One major benefit of seeking out the assistance of enrolled agents is that they are always adapting and changing. To gain federal licensing to represent someone in front of the IRS requires multiple tests and years of experience. In addition to the initial testing, those with full licensing must still report every three years. There are dozens of changes to regulations and laws that can affect your finances each year. One of the ways to take full advantage of the new regulations and avoid errors is to have a professional who is up-to-date. Tampa taxpayers who need services like income tax examination can rely on those at Garcia and Cuadra.

Can an Enrolled Agent Help with My Tax Audit?

Enrolled agents have specific training to represent clients in front of the IRS. Representation is one of the major benefits of hiring an EA that sets them apart from most other tax practitioners. Tampa taxpayers working with EAs can receive help developing strategies and weighing their options. An audit can occur for many reasons and are many times are unavoidable if you have a large income. Statistics show a sharp increase in the chances of being subject to an audit as your income grows. Other times it is because of large charitable donations, deductions, or omissions. Whether intentional or accidental, you can end up subject to increasing fees. If you can pay off the amount within the given time, then you can avoid fees.

Most audits are random and occur from unavoidable flags, so it can be easy to be blindsided by the notice. Also, there is not a single type of audit. Enrolled agents can help you figure out why and how the auditing process is taking place. You do not have to handle legal matters like an audit alone. Trust a firm with experience like Garcia and Cuadra.

Services Available at Garcia and Cuadra

Whether your needs are simple or require more attention, Garcia and Cuadra can handle your situation. Some of the services taxpayers throughout Tampa can benefit from include:

  • Tax return preparation (federal and state)
  • Notary public services
  • Forensic litigation support
  • Installment agreements
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning

In addition, Garcia and Cuadra offers business services for those who want to secure their business finances. Depending on whether you have a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or limited liability company (LLC), your obligations will differ. Tampa business owners can work with tax professionals like enrolled agents at Garcia and Cuadra to receive assistance with:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Incorporation
  • Analyses and forecasts
  • Statement preparation

To make sure that your business, books, and accounts are in check, contact the enrolled agents at Garcia and Cuadra in Tampa Bay online or at 813-415-2431.

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